Easter at Brookfields

Client: Brookfields Garden Centre
Event: Easter Bunny comes to Brookfields, and activity day
Venue: Brookfields Garden Centre, 431 Mapperley Plains, Nottingham, NG3 5RW
Brief: To photograph staff and customers interacting, showing the range of activities

A very busy and jam packed crowded day. Lots of activity involving adults and children, and everything happening at the same time. Getting interactions between customers and staff required lots of observation. Making sure one has permission to photograph children whilst at the same time being separate from the photograph is very difficult; however proprieties must be seen to be upheld.
A good set of photographs (these are but a sample) were obtained and used to publicise this event and the one the following year, as well as on POS, web, Social Media etc.

Saturday 4th April 2015 Easter Saturday at Brookfields - Easter Bunny
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